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Have you been pleased with your care at Damato Chiropractic Center?


We would love to hear from you!  We’re looking for one patient (or family) each month that would like to give a raw video-testimonialstestimonial (30 – 60 seconds) and tell us how we have helped you (or your family).  You will be featured on our website, Facebook page, as well as our YouTube channel!

Real people. Real testimonials.  Real simple.

Here are some talking points that may help you!

1. Tell us your name and a bit about yourself.

2. What was the problem you were facing before you started coming to our office?

3. Please can you tell me specifically how that problem was impacting on your business/life?

4. Did you try any other solutions before turning to us and why did you find them unsatisfactory?

5. Please tell us specifically why our office was so great at meeting your needs?

6. What is it you like best about our office/staff?

7. Why have you chosen to recommend our practice on this video?


Email us or give us a call and we’ll set up a time (before or after your adjustment) to grab a quick video! 

Thank you for your continued trust for your family’s wellness care!